I encourage people to follow their desires, talents, passions, intuitions and intentions.  Therefor I am working with the body, it`s resources and it`s energy. The combination of touch, movement and verbal communication activates hidden powers and helps to see that everything has reason and meaning. Every action, every love, every feeling and every thought has it`s cause and sense. Working with the body reveals precious wisdom and makes us understand important messages. It opens the doors to emotions, conflicts, fears, destinies and dreams that are looking to be recognized and want to get space.  I have graduated as a practitioner of the Grinberg Method and I am strongly influenced by the recently developed  'Pantarei Approach' . It may happen that elements from acting, contemporary dance, or shamanism also flow into the session if the situation is asking for that.  The combination of verbal communication and physical touch allows clients to connect with their hearts: with the people and projects they love. I believe that everyone has certain tasks in this world that give his life sense. Following the heart, everyone is on the right, on his own path.  I accompany clients in their desired direction, always knowing that all the answers lie within themselves. I do my best to give them my full attention, and create a space where they can feel safe and unfold their potential. A place where there is no right and wrong. I help them to listen to their own voice, which enables them to master the challenges of life with ease, courage and grace.
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