Illusion and Reality


 The relationship with our body is determined by how we want to appear on the outside. Consciously or unconsciously - we follow certain ideals to impress others.  If we try to be different from what we are, the experience of the moment is less direct and we lose honesty in the relationship to ourselves and our environment. 

 Smart, cheerful, confident, altruistic, bold, - which attributes do you often try to live up to? Do others believe you if you try to be different from who you are? And what if you are just yourself, do you lose or win something? 

 In this workshop we tackle our self-image. We meet, observe and experience them in a playful way.

Why and when do you try to be different? How do you feel physically and mentally in the pretence and how does it feel to be just yourself?

 Through different training steps we guide you to experience yourself and your body in a more real way.

We interact with the group and experience how it feels to be with and without our self-image. We move and observe, breathe, dance, discover, paint, write, associate, feel and play.

We enter into new spaces and discover how we can move in new and different ways.


ThE workshop is designed by Ada Labahn and Rebekka Frank and is based on different types of bodywork such as the Grinberg Method, Yoga, dance and acting techniques.


THE WORKSHOP WAS GIVEN At the Essentis Biohotel in Berlin-Köpenick ON June 11 & 12, 2016.