THE WELLBEING OF YOUR EMPLOYEES  Physical discomfort and mental illness resulting in absenteeism are a major economic burden for companies. Promoting a balanced, healthy workplace is part of a responsible and successful enterprise policy.
    MOBILE SERVICE  We, Rebekka Frank and Ada Labahn are trainers for body awareness and practitionners of the Grinberg Method and are happy to come to your work place!  With our training for body attention we spontaneously and individually respond to the needs of your employees. We show each person how they can maximise their well being at work in terms of stress management, health, and body posture.  The sessions will be held in two quiet rooms directly at your working space. Your employees may get a 40-minute session including a talk in which each of them individually finds out with the trainer the area they would like to concentrate on.  Your employees possible goals could be:  to work focused and efficiently// to handle stress productively// to have a conscious posture at their desk // to release tension // to hold presentations in a clearer and more confident way  The sessions are held on a one-to-one basis between the employee and the trainer. We go personally to your respective employee and explore with him or her what individual habits are in the way for their well being at work. We show them how they manifest patterns in the body, how they let go of tension and how through perception, breathing and movement it can be converted into energy and concentration.  We charge 40 euros per session. In a day up to ten employees can get a session.  Everything else we will be happy to discuss with you personally.     TAX BENEFITS  Since the 1st of January 2009, the promotion of employee health is tax supported. A company has up to 500 euros per employee per year and has since then been able to invest wage tax for health promotion measures.  Tax exemptions can be fulfilled by meeting the requirements of §§ 20 and 20a para. 1 i. V. with § 20 para. 1 sentence 3 SGB V suffice.
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