August 26, 2016

When we touch something we bring ourselves physically into contact with an object or subject and perceive it through the tactile sense. It also happens that we touch a thing by accident and without a meaning. I use the term „mindful touch“ to describe an attentive touch that even considers an aim. Like the art of poetry, mindful touch follows an intention and sometimes even a plan or a concept. Mindful touch might be accompanied by verbal expressions that support it´s purpose.

 Charles Bukowski said

“Poetry is what happens when nothing else can.”

My Modification: 

“Touch is Poetry: It is what happens when nothing else can.”

Everyone knows these moments when the best thing you can do is simply putting a hand on someone´s shoulder. I am comparing mindful touch to poetry for the elementary beauty it can provoke.

There is something immediate, straight and unambiguous in the intuitivity of touch similarly as in onomatopoeic expressions. Feelings and ideas are given intensity by the use of distinctive style and rhythm. They have the talent to make things that have seemed complicated simple. There is a saying by W.H. Auden: 

“Poetry might be defined as the clear expression of mixed feelings.”

I FIND That so true. And I think each one of us has at some point experienced touch as clarifying when emotions become overwhelming. Touch like poetry can make us silent and calm us down. on the other hand, they can stimulate our senses and different parts of our brains to make us laugh or incite us to rage, with a whole scale of emotions inbetween.

Therefore they are making use of resemblant elements such as forms, shapes, space, movements, images, lines, values, rhythm, tempo, balance, contrast, emphasis or proportion. They are being used to create different qualities; to communicate and finding a common language.

MINDFUL Touch and poetry are two possible ways of expression that respond to fear, desperation, passion, doubts, longing or other thrills that drive the human kind to and fro. Mostly they are ready to look into the eye of death and to bow to the beauty of life. They search for the profound pain that is hidden inside a human. Otherwise THEY wOULD never have a deep effect. If touch stays on a very technical level, it is then superficial, comparable to artistic craftwork. It can be appreciated as nice or entertaining but it will have no sustainable meaning as it will not last in memories or create changes. Courage, curiosity and sensitivity are implicitly involved when a touch or a piece of art influences people on a very deep and personal level. Agreeing on not knowing what will happen next, the piece of art or the mindful touch will become an interesting adventure. It has the competency to encourage people to be free, to find new ideas, approaches and unforeseen ways of thinking and living. They will reach beyond intellectual and explainable layers of prediction. They will find levels that are hard to explain but experienced in meanings of what can be called „spirituality“, „personal growth“ or „blissfull existence“. Places where our souls appear and transform the empty shells of triviality in daily life into magic and meaningfulness.

Ada labahn, august 2016