During my acting-studies in Vienna I discovered the potential that lies in the intuitive work with the body.  I started the three-and-a-half-year studies of the Grinberg Method which I completed in December 2016. My teachers from Berlin developed their new approach  'Pantarei'  at this time. I am very glad to be part of this movement, which encourages me to follow my path of freedom, trust and independence.  Touch is poetry: it can directly affect people on a powerful, personal and sometimes unexplainable level. To devote myself to my clients with dedication and openness reveals to me daily the beauty that is in everyone of them. It is a great pleasure for me to dive into the life of each individual, and I learn indescribably much from every one who comes to me.  Not infrequently, I find access to the needs of a client through my attachment to theater, dance, music, sound art, fine art, architecture, film art and literature.  I also give workshops. These revolve around a humanistic or philosophical topic. The group develops performative moments in which the body, intuition, play, movement, touch, improvisation, meditation, spirituality and the primordial need for communication meet.
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